The elder of the Greyspire twins, Arden is not interested in magic. He spent more time with his father in the training circle than closeted up in the library.

He didn't take the conditions of Aurellia's quest well. At all. He had complete confidence she'd do whatever impossible magic thing the Oracle wanted from her. None. Aurellia was a badass and too clever by half. But she wasn't exactly ... well, good at taking hits. He was. It would have made a lot more sense for them to go out on the quest together. Maybe drag along her cleric of a betrothed as armored backup and his sneaky brother.

Arden got sent off to a monastery to train and work out some of his frustration. The monastery happened to be over in the Aqela region to forestall any quest-interfering with Aurellia.

At some point he ran across an escaped succubus that was fleeing the Nine Hells, and her arranged marriage to another incubus. Sympathetic to girls stuck in arranged marriages, Arden joined forces with her and helped her banish her unwanted suitor. At some point he also fell in love with her.


Living at Greyspire Manor (?) with his new wife, the fey succubus.


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