Probably born in Eastel. Became a cleric of Melora through something that involved a bird? Vasquel offered a carving of a bird to bring him back to life, anyway. He's a nature cleric slated to rule a city dedicated to the goddess of civilization.

At eighteen, he was betrothed to Aurellia Greyspire, the youngest daughter of a minor noble family to the north of Eastel. Things got complicated when she was given a quest to complete and wandered off into the world for two years.

Current Status

De facto ruler of Eastel, since his parents don't seem to do anything or be there most of the time. He's recently warded off an incursion by the Silent Brotherhood with the help of Aurellia and her companions. Mostly the companions, because Emrys himself got captured by the Brotherhood and killed.

He was brought back to life by Thallia Kordin casting Raise Dead the following morning.

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