While rarely ever visited by outsiders was still a large bustling hub of activity for those within it. 7 months of the year Gilsa is all but near impossible to reach via anything but magic due to the horrible winter that shrouded over the town. (It’s not hard to tell why no one ventured out there). Magic was only condoned if the person was specially granted permission to travel and learn it, making it so there was only 3 magic users who lived in town.

Superstitions heavily influenced the culture and it always seemed as if everyone was on edge. (Think the whole Salem Witch Trails ordeal) Most parents told their children not to stay up late or else a Yeti will take them away, knowing full well that it’s a lie, but in Gilsa the young and the old 100% believed in those tall tales. Many of the residents loathed and feared different things and if they found something was abnormal it would be treated in an obviously peculiar way. Without fail every year someone was stoned to death, beaten, burned, starved, or frozen; all due to heavy unjust fear of the diverse. All in all 0/10 would not recommend living here.


Gone? Sounds like it got mowed down by the white walkers or something similar. There was a town here, but it's gone now.