Born in Sedna? Iris fell in love with a water genasi from Wasser named Layton. Layton took her surname of Saga and they lived in Wasser. Layton's brother, Herald, wanted Iris for himself, and became more obsessed over time.

Once Iris was pregnant with her and Layton's first child, she fled Wasser and set up a home for her and her daughter, Rhene, in the Prime Material Plane.

Iris eventually returned to Wasser, leaving Rhene behind, to help Layton with an incursion from the Outcasts of the Barren Trench. She ended up having a second daughter, Lily, while fighting in the rebellion. She was captured, along with Lily, and is presumably being held prisoner in the new wing of the Azure Citidel.

She's maybe alive? But it's very likely she is dead. Welcome to the world of not knowing, Puddles.