Here's all the known prophecies from the Farseer.

Salem's Question: I want immortality

Salem's Answer: First, you should not seek eternal life. The very temporary nature of our attachments is what makes them valuable. There are many paths you could take, but no matter how good your intentions may be, there is no path that will let you stay yourself. The best path lies with Sora Von Zarovitch and becoming a vampire. There are many possibilities with this one too, but it might turn out all right.

Puddles' Question: What is the best way to preserve the most life on Sedna in our upcoming mission?

Puddles' Answer: ???? (Tag, Risa, you're it!)

Aurellia's Question: Is there anything else I need to know?

Aurellia's Answer: The Hall of Valor isn't an unworthy goal, but the real purpose behind your quest is to journey into the Underdark and find Mordenkainen's lost castle. There you'll locate his corpse and use Speak With the Dead. His corpse is enchanted so that only those of his lineage are able to speak with him. Aurellia is not descended from any of the First Heroes, but she is descended from Mordenkainan himself.

Group Audience:

The predicament with the fallen solar – it is a being that defies possibilities. His release would have happened if we were there or not. It is our responsibility, but not because of our involvement with his return. And there are ways that we can win this fight. Many where we will lose. It is dependent less on the strength of individuals and more on the bonds that we make throughout the journey. An ally is greater than a sword, but material means will still be of great use to us.

There was once a wizard – one of the greatest that ever lived. Mordenkainen. He was respected throughout all lands. Created an arsenal of items and weapons that would be passed down and wielded by those worthy of them. They were gifted to the first heroes that saved the material plane from the arch demon Baphmut.

Over time, the items were lost, hidden, scattered, and stolen. They turned into lesser versions of themselves, but are still bound to the bloodlines that first carried them. The Legacy Artifacts will corrupt any who don’t share the bloodline of the heroes and be proved worthy.

Thalia already has one and three of the party carry the legacy. Thallia, Salem, and Rhene.